It’s been quite a week …

This is a very unusual week — I don’t remember a week like this since 9/11 (and I say that with chagrin, not with “comparison”).

Talk about an unfortunate news peg for schools (like mine) which are having “Code Red” drills in the next few days.

I have tabled my “regular” news and opinion lesson I had scheduled for today: instead, my students are in the computer lab, with headphones, checking local Boston news feeds, broadcast, university news sites, and Boston public radio and public TV.

Goal: Get facts, not rumors. And de-bunk other students who are on campus saying, “I heard, I heard…”

A couple my students selected:

Boston Herald
Watertown H.S. newspaper
Massachusetts Institute of Technology paper
Boston Public Radio — with livestream
WGBH Boston public television

We’re also following Twitter hashtags to see what’s happening.

Students are taking notes and we’re checking in as a group every couple of minutes and posting links/sites/hashtags as they go …

Twitter hashtags: #manhunt/#bostonmarathon/#bostonbombing/#watertown /@massstatepolice/@FBIBoston/@MassEMA

We have not yet found high schools that are posting “breaking news” feeds — If you are in the Boston area and your staff or a school near you is tracking the story,  please post your online site here.

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